Feel the Sound, Hear the Love!


Record/Edit/Release your next series.

    Analog to Digital Conversion



Take all your old rare vinyl and convert to digital files.  

VHS/Cassette to Digital

Convert old VHS and Cassette tapes to something that can be played in iTunes.

              Mixing and Mastering 

Bring projects recorded elsewhere that need to be mixed/mastered.


High quality recording for a demo, album, narration, or voiceover. 

Services We Offer (click picture for pricing)

Below is a detailed list of the services offered by D-vine Productions, LLC

Basic Recording

Recording on a per hours basis. Raw and unprocessed tracks will be provide individual tracks via a Google Drive link within 24-48 hours of recording.  


Perfect option when having the album mixed elsewhere

Recording with Mix

Recording with mixing levels, dynamics and effects. Stereo mix will be provided via Google Drive share 3-5 business days after recording is completed.  Includes up to 3 mix touch ups and adjustments to prepare for mastering.


Perfect solution if you have a mastering engineer to finalize tracks.

Record, Mix & Master

Complete solution for recording, mixing and mastering songs.  Mix phase will allow up to 3 follow ups before the final master is produced.  Final master will allow for up to 2 revisions.


Perfect option to take your song from concept to demo to  release. 


Provide us with the raw unprocessed tracks and have it mixed.  The quality of the original recordings will determine the quality of the final premastered mix


Perfect for those who have a place to record, but no engineer to mix.


Provide us with mixed stereo tracks for final polish.  Get levels, loudness and equalization competitive with other commercial releases. 


Perfect solution for those who have a means to record and mix but no mastering engineer. 



Convert your analog media into long lasting, digital format.   Take cassettes, VHS tapes, vinyl records etc, and convert them to digital files that will be immune to degradation over time. 

Efficient and Economic

Flat, easy to understand hourly and/or project rates.  Get your project done without breaking the bank.  Quality is not dictated by cost!

D-vine Productions: A Look Inside

Most recording studios display high cost equipment and gear. Visually, this gives the impression that recordings will be at the highest level.  However, this often comes at an expense that not all musicians can afford. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve high quality recordings at a lower cost. This can be achieved through careful planning and research, as well as utilizing affordable yet reliable equipment and software. With the right approach, musicians can create professional-sounding recordings without breaking the bank.


Let D-vine Productions produce your next project!

About Us

Michael "D-vine" Harris

Born in the Bronx, Michael found a love for music and production at a young age. Still in grade school, he figured out how to overdub vocals on his family's dual cassette deck, producing complex layers of vocal harmonies.  

During high school, he was the member of a R&B group who made it to the national finals of a talent competition.  Michael was in charge of the production of the instrumentals they performed to, vocal arrangements, as well as the recording  of their demo project. 

While in college, he began experimenting with digital recording on a Roland VS840, and a Yamaha SY85 keyboard.  This was a huge upgrade from the dual cassette deck of his youth and he was now producing lush, professional vocal arrangements.

As technology began to catch up with Michael's imagination, he found himself on the ground floor of home digital recording with computers, experiencing and overcoming the frustration of recording latency, hardware compatibility issues, computer crashes, and performance bottlenecks. 

To date, D-vine Productions has been the birth place of  the recordings of a wealth of talent ranging from Rap to Gospel.  With over 2 decades of experience, we're certain to provide just the sound you are looking for. 

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Telephone: +1-804-823-9925 (Call or text)

E-mail: mike.harris@d-vineproductions.com

Address: 2807 N Parham Rd-Suite 200-45, Richmond, VA 23294

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